A little bit of Drama

Did you like the last group’s performances?



Listen to a piece of W.A. Mozart, and some ideas about his biography.
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Favourite words

Would you like to participate  in an opinion poll and answer these questions?

What is your favourite English word?

-What is your favourite Basque word?

– What is your favourite Spanish word?

I´ll tell you that my favourite English words are LOVELY , HOLIDAY & MUM.My favourite Basque words are PINPILINPAUXA & LAGUN. And my favourite Spanish words are CASTAÑUELA & HIJO. The reason for choosing these words is sometimes because their sounds or because of their meanings. Which words are your favourite ones?

Interesting books

Hello friends! This is a new course year and we have a lot of projects, ideas, likes…

And we have enough time to do a lot of things. Reading is a good thing to do, to participate in a lot of adventures, to know interesting characters and enjoy this fantastic activity.

We want to know the title of the books you like and recommend. We are waiting for your suggestions.