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Emotions ( by Arrate Zabala )


One morning Sara went to school and she saw a teacher with the exams.
Then she went to class and the teacher said:
– Today is the exam. Please take your pencils and put the folder on another table.
Sara looked to the exam.

She felt…






By Mikel Ortiz de Zárate


This story starts in july, in Arrigorriaga´s party. In a very new and beautiful house, a boy called Mikel is in his bed.He is dreaming a very nice dream. It’s 4:00 in the morning. But in his street there is a party and Mikel wakes up very angry. Mikel and Ainhoa ( his sister )go to the garden, and they shout to the girls and boys :

-We are dreaming, and is very annoyed. ( Ainhoa )

-Everybody quiet!. ( Mikel )

-Oh, I´m sorry ( a girl )

– Yes we go home, it’s time ( a boy ) .

The young kids are going to their houses. Mikel and Ainhoa are in bed. Mikel is feeling…

CALM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lovely visit

Last Thursday, March 26th some children and teachers from London, of Keys Meadow and St. Joseph’s Primary schools and teachers from Kedainiai school of Lithuania were received in Arrigorriaga Town Hall. They have been in our school and they were participating in a lot of activities . Do you want to write some comments about the visit?

Meeting in Kedainiai

Here we are, the three English teachers of Arrigorriaga Primary School arriving at the Kedainiai Dauksa School . We have had a meeting in this lovely school of Lithuania because we are taking part in a project , C A B E L ( CREATING A BETTER EUROPEAN STYLE LIFE ).

We met another teachers from Keys Meadow P.School and St. Joseph’s P. school ( London) and the teachers and students from Kedainiai D. School. Everything was great. Congratulations to all participants!!!!

BADGES in the” Basque week”

Hello! We are Oier and Sandra. We are students in a Basque school, and we are celebrating the Basque Week. We have been coloring some badges. Children of this school, not all the children, have been coloring one wallpicture … BYE BYE  STUDENTS OF LITHUANIA AND LONDON. 

                                                        ¡¡¡¡THE END!!!!