My name is Marivi S.
I´m an English teacher in Arrigorriaga L.H.I. school. I want to share this blog with all people who want to know more about me, my students , our school and all activities we do.


5 comments on “About

  1. hello marivi!!
    the idea of posters ( more,less,yes,no…) is very beutifful
    i like!!
    but the menu (monday..) is difficult because we are small grups (2 persons, 3 persons)
    and is very difficult paint a chuleta,lekak,coliflower…and a yogur!!
    beno friend´s aguur

  2. Great page! It’s good to know that you provide links that could help people improve their English vocabulary and reading comprehension. I am part of a team that created LearningChocolate.com, a website that provides free learning materials for students to learn English vocabulary online. I think the website might be useful to you and your visitors. Check it out and visit http://www.learningchocolate.com. See you! :)

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