Carnivals in our school

Did you like last Carnivals? Did you dress up? What about the afternoon activities ? Did you have a good time? Did you like the songs, the dances? Did you like the shows at the Sports Centre?

I think you all did a very good show, dancing and moving as authentic artists.

I would like you to participate, writing your opinions about that afternoon festival, about your groups, the songs, the choreographies, the idea of the School’s Birthday, and so on.

I’m looking forward to your answers.


12 comments on “Carnivals in our school

  1. we are Ane and Lorena 5.A we liked a last carnivals. we dessed up in carnivals Lorena dressed up as a musqueteer and Ane dressed up as the afternoon we do some activities for exampol a carnivals dance and a chocolate.we good time are a gris danc are a beautifull time.yes we liked the dances but we havent sing the song.

  2. We are Nahia and Liliana. we liked the carnabals. We dressed up as a Lady Pirats. We have a good time at carnavals day. Yes we have a good time.Yes we liked the most of the dances of Lonbo Areto.

  3. we are Unai,Noelia.We are dressed up as a pirates and cowboy.We are happy on carnivals.Yes are we like a songs,and dancins.we like a sohps of de Sport Center

  4. hello my name is ivan a lake carnivals yes dres afternun ativites is a dancing my talding are you readi, yes a like e songs and the dangsing yes ar you like sporst.

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