What’s this? A street,yes. Where is it from ? It’s from Lithuania. It’s situated in a beautiful town: Kedainiai. And we are going to have new pals, new colleagues in one of the schools from that  town .

As you already know we have a new project in the school. Its name is CABEL, is about Health and now , this week, we are filling our FOOD DIARIES ( in 4 european schools).

What is your opinion about that? What do you want to ask to students in Lithuania and London? What’s your favourite meal, food?…



Hello kids,

Back to school again . GREAT!!! What about your holidays?. Mine, well, they are finished now.

But… we have a lot of things to do this year, lots of plans, activities, projects, chats….

Write your ideas, plans ,everything you want and share with your partners. O.K.?