An amazing video!

youtube=]Here you are a nice video! Do you know who Rihanna is? Did you hear her last single “Don´t stop the music”?Try to fill in the gaps in the songrihanna-lyrics-2.doc[


Have fun in Easter!!!

easter egg      As you know,  Easter is celebrated around the world, but we´re going to focus on Great Britain.Do you Know Easter eggs? Have you tasted one? Do you know why these eggs are so famous?If you want to know something else about this, click on this page

Games and songs

Do you enjoy games? Do you like listening to songs? Just for fun? Games to learn ?

Some of you have made me a proposal about it and I´d like to please you. Here you have a good and large offer in order to play, learn, sing… and have a very, very good time !!!